Information and service for secular ceremonies

The heart of a celebration is a ceremony


Whether it be a wedding or a funeral, the significance of an occasion is crystallized in a ceremony. External decorations – candles, festive dresses, good food, flowers – offer the celebration a setting and contribute to its success. However, the heart of the celebration is the togetherness of the participants, which is enhanced by a ceremony.

A beautiful family celebration consists of elements that are in harmony with the convictions of the participants. While a clerical celebration is always also a religious service, a secular celebration is arranged by people, for people, and also the main focus is on a human being.

Weddings, namings and funerals have been celebrated in Finland for thousands of years before Christianity arrived, and many of our current customs are also from that period. On the other hand, many traditions that seem age-old have in fact got their present form only very recently. Pro-Ceremonies is there to help, when you need information, ideas, encouragement or a skilled speaker and/or musician(s) for the celebration you are planning. If required, we can also help with video and still photography.

Celebrant services by Pro-Ceremonies

The celebrant services by Pro-Ceremonies provide a high-quality, expert alternative to the celebrants offered by religious communities, whether you want to celebrate a wedding or a funeral, a naming or coming of age. Every ceremony is planned individually according to the wishes of the client, and it consists only of elements they themselves can accept.

As a client of Pro-Ceremonies you have the right to:

  • written material
  • freely choose or plan your own ceremony
  • an unhurried, personal interview
  • unlimited telephone advice
  • rehearse the ceremony in advance (if required)
  • a printed copy of the ceremony (speech) and any certificates the ceremony may include
  • punctual and unhurried service during the actual celebration
  • make requests concerning the dress of the celebrant

Civilian organisations as background

By now, more than 1000 000 Finns live unconnected to religious communities. To serve this large minority, a non-profit service center was established in the spring of 1999 – Pro-Ceremonies (Prometheus Ceremonies). The founders were the most influential civilian organisations in Finland, the Union of Freethinkers, the Humanist Union of Finland, and the Prometheus-camp Organisation of Finland. The goal of the service center is to promote the development of the Finnish society towards acceptance of diversity and equality, and to make a non-religious life an equal choice.